Yas101 Soundbar Energy Esw-c8 Subwoofer System – 60 W Rms Bundle

Yamaha YAS101 Soundbar Integrated System with Dual Front Speakers and SubwooferThe YAS-101 soundbar combines two 2-1/2 cone speakers with a dual-driver (3 cones) subwoofer, driven by a digital amp with a total output of 120W. Although compact, its excellent structural design provides a large volume enclosure for both the speakers and subwoofer. The result is powerful, high quality sound that makes TV and movies much more enjoyable.Dual-Driver Subwoofer Powerfully Reproduces Bass SoundsThe dual-driver subwoofer employs large magnets and large-diameter voice coils to realize dynamic and robust bass sound reproduction. This ensures that the overall sound has a rich sense of presence, making movie effect sounds more realistic.Bass Reflex Port Contributes to Deeper, Richer BassThe YAS-101 employs a bass reflex port that has a straight shape and adequate length to provide outstanding bass response together with the large volume cabinet. The duct outlet is shaped like a trumpet bell, which reduces wind noise for better sound clarity.Saran Net Grille Enhances Sound DefinitionThe grille protecting the speaker unit is a saran net that allows unimpeded sound flow. All sounds, including vocals and music, are clear and pleasant to listen to.AIR SURROUND XTREME Provides Powerful Surround SoundYamaha s exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME reproduces 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging and rich presence, far superior to that of any other soundbar. You ll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field, with clear dialogue in the front and dynamic sound action at the back and sides.Compatible with Various Surround Sound FormatsThe YAS-101 sound bar is compatible with popular surround sound formats, such as Dol

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