Unsun Clinic For Dolls Product Type Compact Disc Pop Musics Domestic

Track Title. 1 The Lost Way. 2 Clinic For Dolls. 3 Time. 4 Mockers. 5 Not Enough. 6 The Last Tear. 7 Home. 8 I Ceased. 9 A Single Touch. 10 Why. This female-fronted goth metal band is co-led by vocalist Anna Stefanowicz and her husband Maurycy, better known to fans of Polish death metal band Vader as their longtime guitarist Mauser. Don’t be expecting any of the scorching death metal riffs he was known for within that band, though. This is still metal, but definitely toward the poppier end of that genre, including some production tricks on Anna’s vocals (digital stuttering, etc.) reminiscent of J-pop. Songs like the title track seem aimed more at the dancefloor than at headbangers, and nothing here is any heavier than something you might hear from Lacuna Coil. There’s also the requisite Evanescence-style piano-and-strings ballad (“The Last Tear”). The band’s 2008 debut occasionally dipped into hard industrial metal, but that seems to have gone by the wayside on this one. All in all, this is a decent example of a genre sometimes mockingly called “prom-dress metal,” probably destined to be far more successful in Europe than the US ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi.

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