It’s not the act. It’s the details? Incredibly tight-lipped and painfully private, Anthony Phoenix has been known to make lesser women cry. Luckily, Summer Staite is by no means a lesser woman. It’s her job to know his type?rich, handsome, famous and used to getting what he wants. A dangerous, seductive combination. Luckily for her it’s not the man she’s after. It’s his story. A story that’ll earn her the respect she craves?one they tell her is impossible to get. ?They? have no idea how far she’ll go. With his freight-train vocals, dark intensity and brooding good looks, Anthony is well aware he presents a challenge to the brazen columnist from Stripped Magazine. Yet she intrigues him more than he cares to admit. Beneath her soft, girl-next-door fa?ade, she drips with the kind of sensuality that makes him edgy. High. And completely stupid. Stupid enough to let her get into the act?and under his skin.