Make Music with Your IPad

Get the most out of your iPad’s music capabilities!Music recording and performance apps are some of the top grossing applications for iPad. Major label artists are making use of Apple’s iOS products and apps to make music and have even recorded complete albums on the iPad. Written by an experienced Apple and digital music journalist, this unique resource opens your eyes–and ears–to the amazing possibilities that the iPad offers as a musical creation device for both novices and professionals. You’ll sing a new tune when you learn the power and simplicity of using the iPad as a tool for creating professional-quality music. Introduces the unique possibilities that the iPad presents for creating professional-level and high-quality musicExplores how the iPad can serve as a complete set of musical instruments, recording studio, and composition tool all in oneDiscusses all areas of music production from recording live instruments and vocals to building drum parts and working with samplesShares interviews and helpful tips from world-famous recording artistsRecommends a variety of suggested accessories to add to your iPadTune in! “Make Music with iPad” is a must-have guide for any iPad user with an interest in music, regardless of the level of experience.