Kina Grannis Stairwells Product Type Compact Disc Rock Great Pop

Label: One Haven ( OHVN ). Product Type: Compact Disc. By focusing on simple arrangements and melancholic pop melodies, Kina Grannis cracked the Billboard charts in 2010 with this full-length release. Stairwells is her first album since 2008, the year Grannis won a Superbowl songwriting contest and claimed an Interscope recording contract as her prize. Although she left the label one year later without releasing any material, Grannis time at Interscope was still influential, and Stairwells. shows strong similarities to albums by Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, and other hitmakers. Grannis sings with breezy grace, occasionally backing her vocals with gauzy strings but more often sticking to light percussion and acoustic guitar chords. When she s at her best, she mixes her Top 40 melodies with a sense of coffee house ambiance, and her status as an independent musician — one who spent two years recording this album on her own dime — sweetens the deal. Andrew Leahey, Rovi.