John Trio Butler Three Product Type Compact Disc Rock Pop Musics

Track Title. 1 Betterman. 2 Attitude. 3 Pickapart. 4 Money. 5 Believe. 6 Media. 7 Earthboundchild. 8 Take. 9 Life Ain’t What It Seems. 10 Don’t Understand. John Butler’s debut album, Three, opens with his distinctive fingerpicked, slide-driven guitar that is to be the canvas for the remainder of the record. Joined by Rory Quirk on bass and Jason McGann on drums, the trio delivers an emotionally charged romp through ten tracks of earthy, bluesy jam band intonations. Paying homage to his Australian roots, the inclusion of the didgeridoo in the backdrop of several tracks plays nicely against his six-string grooves. The most accessible and shortest song on the record, “Pickapart,” shows off Butler’s picking prowess on an amplified 12-string acoustic guitar. Lyrically, Butler takes several political stances, from the pro-environmental song “Earthbound Child” to the anti-violence statement made by “Attitude.” The passion in his vocals gives credibility to his fervor for these causes. The John Butler Trio have established the foundation for a promising career, and they are a welcome addition to the musical landscape. ~ Erik Crawford, All Music Guide.