Jbl Balboa 5-inch Center Channel Dual Loudspeaker (each)

Value and Performance. Let’s start by saying that Balboa Series speakers are affordable, even for people whose disposable income mostly goes on things like food and rent. Now forget we ever mentioned anything about money, because the Balboa series uses materials and technologies developed directly from legendary JBL professional loudspeakers and delivers the full dynamics of today’s most exciting films and music. That’s what’s important. At least that’s what’s important once you know you can afford them. The JBL Balboa Center- At a Glance. ” Titanium tweeter for crystal clear high frequencies Dual, 5″ cellulose woofer for smooth dialog Speaker wire binding posts for the best possible connection Slim, attractive cabinet The titanium tweeter delivers detailed, accurate sound quality while the waveguide anchors dialog over a wide listening area Proven Technology. Crystal clear high frequencies For the most detailed sound quality from your music or movies, the JBL Balboa Center, center channel loudspeaker features a ” titanium tweeter inside a proprietary waveguide. Titanium is the perfect material for reproducing accurate high frequencies due to its strength and extreme lightweight. What you hear is smooth sound dialog not often found in a center speaker this affordable. To make sure you are enjoying the sharper, richer high-definition (HD) sound and precise 360-degree imaging that today’s most exciting movies demand, the JBL Balboa Center uses a proprietary waveguide around the tweeter. This waveguide ensures a wide dispersion of the high frequencies throughout the room while keeping them both accurate and natural-sounding. It also helps anchor your movie dialog across a wide soundstage. The result? You’ll enjoy your music and movies like never before. A strong but lightweight woofer material produces accurate midrange and rich vocals Rich Vocals Using a stiff, lightweight cellulose driver, the dual 5-inc

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