Greg Brown Freak Flag I Don’t Know Anybody In This Town Product Type

Track Title. 1 Someday House. 1 Someday House. 2 Where Are You Going When You’re Gone. 2 Where Are You Going When You’re Gone. 3 Rain & Snow. 3 Rain & Snow. 4 Freak Flag. 4 Freak Flag. 5 Lovinest One. 5 Lovinest One. 6 I Don’t Know Anybody In This Town. 6 I Don’t Know Anybody In This Town. 7 Flat Stuff. 7 Flat Stuff. 8 Mercy Mercy Mercy. 8 Mercy Mercy Mercy. 9 Let The Mystery Be. 9 Let The Mystery Be. 10 Remember The Sun. 10 Remember The Sun. 11 Tenderhearted Child. 11 Tenderhearted Child. Greg Brown’s best music has always had a loose, casual feel; he reveals more of himself when he sounds like he’s not forcing the music than in those rare moments when he’s genuinely concentrating on his muse, and he’s let his breezy side take the wheel on his 27th album, 2011’s Freak Flag. According to Brown, he was well into the recording of Freak Flag when the Minneapolis studio he was using was struck by lightning; Brown and his producer and guitarist Bo Ramsey were using a Pro-Tools digital setup, and the electric surge wiped away nearly all the tracks they’d laid down. Brown’s response was to head down to Memphis and start over, where he saved one tune from the previous sessions, and replaced the rest with brand new songs. Freak Flag’s title tune, the one holdover from the initial sessions, seems to be a bit more carefully crafted than the eight other Brown originals on board, but overall, the material doesn’t seem especially different; these songs find him very much in his element, marrying sly but heartfelt vocals to slinky melodies that split the difference between folky simplicity and bluesy grit (the latter aided considerably by Ramsey’s raw, funky guitar work), and telling his tales with wit, intelligence, and a touch of Midwestern zen.