Elbow Seldom Seen Kid Product Type Compact Disc Rock Pop Domestic

Track Title. 1 Starlings. 2 Bones Of You. 3 Mirrorball. 4 Grounds For Divorce. 5 Audience With The Pope. 6 Weather To Fly. 7 Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver. 8 Fix. 9 Some Riot. 10 One Day Like This. 11 Friend Of Ours. In a world where even the generally mediocre likes of Snow Patrol can have honest to goodness mainstream pop success, it seems peculiar that Elbow have never broken through beyond a devoted cult following. (Admittedly, the fact that their new labels, Polygram’s alt rock imprint Fiction Records in the UK and Geffen in the US are their fourth and fifth, respectively, after stints on Island, EMI, and V2, may have a lot to do with their lack of mainstream attention.) Exploring the fruitful middle ground between early Radiohead’s mopey art rock and Coldplay’s radio-friendly dumbing down of the same, Elbow makes records built on a balance of things not often found together anymore: strange musical textures alongside immediately accessible pop song choruses, or unexpected left turns in song structure paired with frontman Guy Garvey’s warm, piercing vocals.