Cut Copy In Ghost Colours Product Type Compact Disc Rock Pop Domestic

1 Feel The Love. 2 Out There On The Ice. 3 Lights And Music. 4 We Fight For Diamonds. 5 Unforgettable Season. 6 Midnight Runner. 7 So Haunted. 8 Voices In Quartz. 9 Hearts On Fire. 10 Far Away. 11 Silver Thoughts. 12 Strangers In The Wind. 13 Visions. 14 Nobody Lost, Nobody Found. 15 Eternity One Night Only. In Ghost Colours announces itself, calmly but majestically, with a wash of hazy voices and fluttering keyboards giving way to crystal-clear acoustic strums, languid indie pop vocals, a sturdy dance-rock groove, pulsating electro-disco synths, swirling Caribou-style psychedelics, and an ethereal, vocoded chorus melody. Squeezing all of that into one song — the effervescent “Feel the Love” — is an ambitious move: in most hands it would come out sounding like a bewildering mess but Cut Copy manage to keep it light, breezy, and utterly ebullient. Even more impressive is that they’re able to replicate the trick repeatedly across this remarkably assured sophomore album. Colours boasts at least a half-dozen potential summer anthems for dancefloors and headphones alike, seamlessly strung together with subdued interstitial mood pieces that help make it more of a nuanced work than a straightforward collection of relentlessly upbeat dance jams. Undeniably, though, the dance jams are at the heart of the album, from the unstoppably glittery opening trio (leading up to the anthemic slow-burn disco of single “Lights and Music”) to the rough-edged rock drive of “So Haunted” to the pure synth pop bliss of “Far Away.” Indeed, this is in many ways a perfect summation of the dynamic, multifaceted, hipster-associated independent dance music of the 2000s, a motley interweaving of pop, rock, and electronic dance elements into a kaleidoscopic array of interconnected styles, some strands of which have been summarily, imprecisely tagged (“disco-punk,” “electro-house,” “new rave,”) but which as a whole remain resolutely, gloriously nebulous and undefined.