Brainwavz M4 In-ear Headphones With Inline Microphone

This version of the M4 comes with a inline mic that can work on iPhones, Android phones etc. It also doubles as a simple remote allowing for pick up & hang up, as well as mute. It also supports play, pause and next song. The cable of the Brainwavz M4 with mic uses a non fancy TPU cable. BRAINWAVZ M4 are a dynamic driver based earphones which will take your ears to rock n’ roll nirvana. The M4 have a sound that provides detail, depth and bass, giving a sharp and pleasurable sound. The sound signature is well suited for many song genres but most notably Rock, your AC/DC, GNR, Bon Jovi, Zeppelin and other rock god bands will, simply put, rock on the M4 with guitars and vocals well represented. BRAINWAVZ M4 drivers are housed in a sleek barrel shaped housing made of metal and uses a high quality cabling that makes them durable and far more tangle resistant than a standard cable. Specifications: