Artist Vashti Bunyan Just Another Diamond Day Folk Product Type

Track Title. 1 Just Another Diamond Day. 2 Glow Worms. 3 Lily Pond. 4 Timothy Grub. 5 Where I Like To Stand. 6 Swallow Song. 7 Window Over The Bay. 8 Rose Hip November. 9 Come Wind Come Rain. 10 Hebridean Sun. 11 Rainbow River. 12 Trawlerman’s Song. 13 Jog Along Bess. 14 Iris’s Song For Us. 15 Love Song Bonus Track 1:58. 16 I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind Previously Unreleased 2:15. 17 Winter Is Blue / Mike Crowther Previously Unreleased / Bonus Track 1:48. 18 Iris’s Song For Us Version 2 2:31. About five years after briefly surfacing as part of Andrew Loog Oldham’s stable, Vashti — now billing herself with her full name, Vashti Bunyan — made her only album. A folkier and more serious-minded effort than her initial mid-’60s recordings, it is a pleasing yet overly dainty slice of British rock-tinged folk, produced by Joe Boyd. A certain similarity to some other acts under Boyd’s supervision, such as the Incredible String Band and Fairport Convention, was assured by contributions from the ISB’s Robin Williamson and Fairport’s Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol. For good measure, there were string and recorder arrangements by Robert Kirby, who had done some string arrangements for Nick Drake, another Boyd-produced artist. Comprised solely of original material, Just Another Diamond Day contained dignified yet slightly sad ruminations with a pastoral, indeed rural feel, imbued with images of solitary meditations upon rain, wind, sunsets, and open fields. The drum-less, acoustic arrangements yielded an intimate ambience well-suited for Vashti’s fragile, measured, almost despondently wispy vocals. Product Type: Compact Disc.