Artist Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs Rock Pop Product Type Compact Disc

Track Title. 1 Day Of The Eagle. 2 Bridge Of Sighs. 3 In This Place. 4 Fool And Me. 5 Too Rolling Stoned. 6 About To Begin. 7 Lady Love. 8 Little Bit Of Sympathy. 9 Day Of The Eagle. 10 Bridge Of Sighs. 11 Too Rolling Stoned. 12 Lady Love. 13 Little Bit Of Sympathy. 14 Confessin’ Midnight. 15 It’s Only Money. 16 Gonna Be More Suspicious. Guitarist Robin Trower’s watershed sophomore solo disc remains his most stunning, representative, and consistent collection of tunes. Mixing obvious Hendrix influences with blues and psychedelia, then adding the immensely soulful vocals of James Dewar, Trower pushed the often limited boundaries of the power trio concept into refreshing new waters. The concept gels best in the first track, “Day of the Eagle,” where the opening riff rockingly morphs into the dreamy washes of gooey guitar chords that characterize the album’s distinctive title track that follows. At his best, Trower’s gauzy sheets of oozing, wistful sound and subtle use of wah-wah combine with Dewar’s whisky-soaked soul-drenched vocals to take a song like the wistful ballad “In This Place” into orbit. “Too Rolling Stoned,” another highlight and one of the most covered tracks from this album, adds throbbing, subtle funk to the mix, changing tempos midway to a slow, forceful amble on top of which Trower lays his quicksilver guitar. One of the few Robin Trower albums without a weak cut, Bridge of Sighs holds up to repeated listenings as a timeless work, as well as the crown jewel in Trower’s extensive yet inconsistent catalog. ~ Hal Horowitz, Rovi.

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